Here's a bit of information about the events put on by the Crown Street Public School P&C.

Lights OFF, Torches ON

The one night of the year where students come to school at night in their pyjamas armed with books and participate in a torchlit reading session in the school library.  The playground is turned into a festival of lights with food trucks and music and a pop up book store organised by local book shop Oscar and Friends. Key authors and illustrators are invited to talk to the students about what is involved with writing and publishing a book explaining how it possible to turn an idea for a story into an actual book.


In our annual bid to get the students off computers and into books, we hold a Readathon during the month of May.  Using the tagline 'Reading Makes Your Brain Bigger, students are encouraged to read chapters, books, newspapers, magazines and whatever they can get their hands on.  The Readathon Inspectors (parents wearing silly outfits and hats) check log books and measure brain sizes with their brain checking kits.  This has been such a successful event for the school not only raising essential funds but bringing fun and enjoyment into the simple act of reading.

School Disco

The P&C organises a cool and funky school disco twice a year.  It is an opportunity for the whole school, teachers, parents and local community to come together and show off their best dance moves in the school hall.  Each disco is themed and a great opportunity for everyone to get involved with making decorations, food and outfits for a great night out.  These themes have included Bollywood, Under The Sea, Halloween and Mexican Fiesta.  Our school discos really display the social community side of our school.  Music, good food and glowsticks really bring us all together.

Mothers' Day & Fathers' Day Breakfasts

A chance for the Dads to dazzle the Mums and the Mums to mesmerise the Dads with a home made smorgasbord breakfast held on the Fridays before Mother's Day (May) and Father's Day (Sept).  The whole community including grandparents and friends is invited to school at 8am to scoff egg and bacon rolls, muffins and cakes, drink coffee and watch spectacular performances from our talented students. 

Parents and Teachers Social

At last!  A chance to spend some time together away from the you- know-who's.  This event is held at a local pub in Surry Hills sometime during Term 1.  It's a great way to welcome new parents to the school and say hello to the people you've been seeing around the playground but had no idea who they are.  This event is extremely well attended and many a new parent/parent and parent/teacher friendship has been made.