Thursday 15 August 2019 - P&C General Meeting
All Welcome

Fathers Day Breakfast - 30th August 2019

Fathers Day Breakfast - 30th August 2019

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Morning - 25th October 2019

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Morning - 25th October 2019

Our School Fete!    www.CrownStFete.com.au

Our School Fete!


Readathon Launch 2019!

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Kitchen Garden

Your child’s class would love to see you there.

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Uniform Shop

Opening hours, price list, how to order and more.

Welcome to the Crown Street Public School’s Parents & Citizens website where you can find News, Events and Programs fo the CSPS P&C. A short list would include our annual Luna/Chinese New Year, Discos in Term 1 & Term 4, Annual Mother's Day & Father's Day breakfasts, 'Lights OFF, Torches ON' & Readathon, Committees, Fundraising initiatives, Crown Street Kitchen Garden, Crown Street Fete and of course Uniform Shop.

Ensure you know what’s happening at Crown Street Public School:
1. CLASS PATRON - Email your Class Teacher and ask to have your NAME, EMAIL & Child’s name passed on to the Class Patron. We encourage everyone to know the name of their Class Patron and introduce yourself to them when you have the chance.
2. SCHOOL E-NEWS App - DOWNLOAD to your phone and set it up for Crown Street Public School
3. SCHOOL WEBSITE - Go there and also to this site to answer any questions you have. You can even MAKE A PAYMENT on the School website.