2018 Executive Committee

Vivienne Thatcher
Amanda Verdon
Craig Mitchell
Ross Ogden
Jean-Paul Ameur

Vice President, Communications
Vice President, Sponsorship and Business Engagement

2018 Non-Executive Committee

Events coordinator and committee
Volunteers coordinator
Uniform committee
Read-a-thon committee
Kitchen/Garden parent representatives

Staff selection panel - parent representatives
Class patrons coordinator
Canteen coordinator
Website coordinator
Ride to school coordinator


Jane Strode, Kelly Bofkin
Fran Armstrong
Nina Field (Coordinator), Tiffany Wong and Fiona Chow
Lacy Barron (Coordinator), Janette O’Toole, Jean-Paul Ameur and Susanna Harrison
Jane Strode (Kitchen) and Ang Becroft (Garden)
Cassandra Walton, Alina Camiller, Vivienne Thatcher and Skye Docherty
Mel Carmont
Elisa Tjiong
Luke Davey
Jean-Paul Ameur